Sunday, April 02, 2006


Dim Bulbs

Almost a year ago, I posted a story regarding alleged cybercriminal Jeremy Hammond who had made himself unpopular by allegedly hacking Protest Warrior's website. Indymedia and Protest Warrior didn't agree. Read the original article for background.

One of the leaders of a local social hacking group posted this comment (brief excerpt):
This dim bulb has been attending the monthly meetings for the Chicago chapter of 2600 group for about 7-8 months now.
In short, this "hacktivist" is nothing more than a petulant, willful child. One for whom NOTHING is a barrier, so long as HE gets what HE wants.
Today, nearly nine months later, came the following comment from someone calling himself "Black Mage 2021":
Jeremy (sic) not a dim bulb (sic) his (sic) thought (sic) hundreds of people computer skills that they normal (sic) would not know so before you go bashing some ones (sic) name at least get the facts stright (sic) so go to hell you conformist
Yes. Well. I guess he isn't the dimmest bulb after all.

You missed the (sic) after Jeremy, his, and probably also after the last so.
Thanks Leigh. I know how long you've been waiting to pull me up on a grammatical or typographic error :-)

I've added the changes, and now my page is covered in sic.
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