Tuesday, February 28, 2006


More on (get it?) World Can't Wait

Via DC Indymedia comes criticism of the lack of a certain agenda item in World Can't Wait's mission:
Three things can be said about all the uproar over the Dubai Port deal:

1) The Bush regime does not care about the rights of Arab people, but instead is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war on Iraq, with other countries in the sights; has rounded up thousands of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants
Rounded Up? Just like the..... Nazis! Bush is Hitler, Bush is Hitler!
and forced 10’s of thousands more to undergo "special registrations"
Apparently there are also new signs at US Airports saying "Christians, Jews and Buddhists do not need to register".
and has whipped up a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.
How one "whips up" ignorance is beyond me. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention and ignored it happening.
2) You saw what happened in New Orleans.
Yes. A hurricane, that some people felt George W. Bush had ordered.
The Bush regime does not care about your safety, but is only using the so-called "war on terrorism" to justify an unending war around the world and moves towards fascism in the "homeland."
And this is relevant to a hurricane how? Oh, that's right. structural faults of decades ago and massive local incompetence is Bush's fault.
3) Getting sucked into the deadly logic of anti-Arab racism and asking this regime to enact whatever fascist measures it wants to "protect us" will leave you accepting horrors beyond your imagination. Don’t forget that in Nazi Germany, anti-Semitism led to ghettos led to death camps. To go along with "opposition" to Bush that is in fact arguing for more police state measures and treats all Arab people as dangerous will only aid in Bush’s fascist remaking of society.
Nazis! Fascists! Bad haircuts! etc. etc.
This logic is poisonous – spit it out, and join in a movement to drive out the Bush regime that makes common cause with the people of the world and refuses to go along with police state measures, immigrant round-ups, torture, and unjust wars in the name of "protecting us from the terrorists."

The headline however tells a different story altogether.
WORLD CAN'T WAIT Studiously Avoids ANY DIRECT Criticism of Pending USraeli Aggression Against the Iranian People
Have you heard of the new country USrael?

Apparently World Can't Wait are also victims of the grand Zionist conspiracy to silence them.

And there I was, just thinking they were morons.

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