Friday, August 12, 2005


What's wrong with Indymedia Part II (of hundreds)

I previously linked to an article entitled "What's the Matter with Indymedia".

Indymedia Ireland Watch
has alerted me to this article being discussed on SF Indymedia.
I don't care to single any particular wingnut outfit out for ridicule, but moderating this site has made me something of an expert on various 911 groups and raps. They are virtually all hysterical. Some tend towards anti-Semitic nonsense, others are just racist, eg: "how could a bunch of Arabs have pulled something like this off... It must have been the Jews." These people think NOTHING happens in the world that doesn't happen by decree from Illuminati Central.”

Real good 'journalists' there . . .
At one point, the entire discussion turns into a slanging match with accusations of "COINTELPRO". An excerpt of this hysteria makes a valid point:
Indymedia stands at a historical juncture. We must decide if we want it to grow into an actual force for progress in this world, or stagnate as the new usenet, bogged down in unmoderated crap, stained forever with reputation of lying and as utterly useless as our enemies would make it.

But deciding is not enough. We must also take action.
Yes... Well.

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