Thursday, August 04, 2005


An Interesting Tool

The Google API Proximity Search (GAPS) is a cute little Google hack which allows you to search Google for two search terms that appear within a certain distance from each other on a page.

I have found it useful to identify the whackier sites and arguments on the web. Whilst I have my hands (plenty) full with Indymedia, anyone craving additional insanity in their life should try

London bombing AND Mossad

London bombing AND inside job

and so forth. The domain names alone of the sites which get returned are interesting. I wonder if Google News will start indexing any of them in the near future? Just in case some sites weren't bad enough 'news sources'.

How did I come across this site? From my referrer logs. Someone in Canada was looking for "Wolfowitz" and "Mossad". Can't imagine why... I outranked Miami IMC's submission however. I guess that comes with being on the Mossad/CIA/MI5 payroll...

You're not being paid by the Zionist Elders? We'll need to get in touch about this.
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