Thursday, July 21, 2005


Terrorist Cola

UK Indymedia brings us the terrifying news thate the London terrorist bombings may have been linked to a popular cola drink, Killer Cola.

In interviews widely reported in the mainstream media last week, links between the men thought to behind the London bomb attacks and the Coca-cola company were exposed....
He showed up twice a week for pickup soccer games, said a teammate who gave his name only as Saj. "He was normal. We used to drink Coke and Fanta together," revealed Saj in an seemingly inoccent statement which insanely could have far reaching implications!
Chairman of Leeds Grand Mosque, Zaher Birawi, told the BBC that he feared possible reprisals. The Muslim Safety Forum has received reports of more than 400 attacks around the country including a fire bomb attack on a Mosque in Liverpool. Surprisingly there have yet to be any reports about attacks on Coca-cola vending machines or retailers.
If only they'd drunk a brand of less offensive and largely infidel-free cola instead.

One of the comments shares my position of not knowing whether this is (quite good) satire or not. Regardless, some of the other comments have taken it very seriously. I suspect they may have been drinking something else...

indymedia loves alternative drinks

like this one
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