Thursday, February 10, 2005


Why Men Should Support Wimin's Rights

According to this article on Darwin Indymedia, men should support wimin's rights.

I'd be more than happy to, if someone can kindly tell me what a wimin is.

Wait, it's explained by a hilariously offensive comment in this article. In the interests of good oral hygeine, I have disemvowelled the profanity for our more tender readership.
what an offensive piece of sht
by revolted bleeder
i couldnt even read past the title..why is this on indymedia?????
is it supposed to be funny or thought provoking? the reality is women (note the "men" in that-PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING WIMMIN)do bleed and u men never will..

articles like this just reaffirm mens' sick obsession with all things cnt related..
if u want to support women stop fuking trying to speak for us, shut the fck up and leave us alone!!!!

Women bleed because Adam hid inside the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. Eve, not knowing he was there, tried to cut it down with a blade. She was astonished that the tree bled. According to Muhammad/Allah women henceforth were cursed with having to bleed once a month. That is according to the original scriptures of Islam, the Haddith, Sari, Ta'rikh and Qur'an.
Well, according to one of several official versions.
Any time one hears of any person who is killed in the name of Allah, it makes a grown man want to cry.
Loren said:
Any time one hears of any person who is killed in the name of Allah, it makes a grown man want to cry. A grown man called Loren? ;-)

Regarding your quote on women in Islam, I'm not sure of the relevance to this discussion. I had not seen that before however and Googled for it. I came across a few sources which suggest such scriptures as "the Al-Tabari and Ibn-Ishaq and other sources are extremely doubtful and unauthenticated."

I also came across other Muslim websites which said the opposite, so I don't really know, but find it all rather interesting.
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