Saturday, February 05, 2005


Victoria Indymedia Crippled - The Blame Game

According to this (non-Indymedia) article, "A virulent troll attack has overwhelmed and shut down Victoria IMC's newswire editing pages".

According to Victoria Indymedia, "Right Wing Fascist Hackers Target IMCs".

As a result of these "Fascists" it is not currently possible to post articles like this:
The Mossad then did 9/11 under the command of Wolfowitz, undisturbed.

But after 9/11, German intelligence communicated directly with low and middle-level FBI (Mueller is clean, too) and gave them detailed evidence about the Mossad Western command operations under Wolfowitz, including 9/11.

This evidence is the basis of the FBI's ongoing prosecution of AIPAC: Franklin worked for Feith who works for Wolfowitz who commands the Mossad operations in the West.

For the first time in history, the Mossad has complete active offices in the US government with local high command.

But unlike before, now we know all about it and we are prosecuting Satan's boys central command.

Germans--who were killed by the millions by Jewish intrigues--now have the honor of catching the creeps in the act and telling the world about them.
I also know that the Americans are *hoping* proactively for a "terrorist" attack in Europe (especially Germany) to get European sentiment behind the Bush policy.

However, it won´t work as many journalists (and the BND) are aware of the CIA and some Mossad people who were behind the bombings in Madrid.
According to the topmost report:
Efforts to block the troll have failed, and news editors are appealing for advice and assistance in upgrading the site's obsolete software.
Why? So the site can more efficiently support the task of posting unbelievable garbage like the above?

May I respectfully offer a better suggestion.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see that people really believe this rubbish. I WISH the Mossad adn the Jews in general were as powerful as Indymedia and their cohorts think.

How can you bear to wallow in this filth, even as a public service? I doff my hat to you.
Is there some point at which Indymedia is not under "virulent troll attack"?
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