Thursday, December 30, 2004


More definitive proof that Bush = Hitler

This article, from exotic Ambazonia Indy Media proves (as if you didn't already know) that "Hitler & Bush -- Birds Of A Feather"

It starts with a graphic suggesting Auschwitz 1943 = Guantanemo Bay 2003.
This is of course in spite of minor details such as a lack of due process at the former, a lack of genocide at the latter and prisoners of only one having been combatants. Still, wildly inaccurate comparisons are marginally better than outright Holocaust denial.

The article then goes on to offend Christians, Americans and democracies in such an outrageous fashion it doesn't warrant a response from me. Whilst I'm always surprised that there are actually people in the world stupid enough to believe this garbage, I'm more worried that Indy Media continues to allow them to publicize it for the 'benefit' of anyone who actually doesn't know any better..

What exactly is the point again? Oh yeah... Free speech or something right? Thanks again Indy Media for providing such worthwhile independent reporting.

I served with Hitler. I knew Hitler. Hitler was a friend of mine. George Bush, you are no Hitler.

Hitler was actually a semi-sentient being even though he was a psychopath. I don't even know if Bush can spell the word Nazi.

You know, I'm not a liberal or a conservative. Just an American who would like to have a president who is remotely qualified for the job again. Is that so much to ask? I mean, preferrably we get a guy who doesn't want to host a holocaust or anything.

But jeez, just give me a president smart enough to make coherent political points I can either refute or agree with. I can't take any more of this babbling braindead moron!


p.s. Who would have thought that someday we'd have a president who would make Dan Quayle look smart, articulate, and overqualified? God bless the American voters.
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