Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Pre-Emptive Looting

DC Indymedia offers An Alternative View of how to prevent a repeat of Hurricane Katrina. Amidst suggestions of arming the poor (to faciliate shooting of police) and stealing buses (much earlier), comes this recommendation:
People Waited Too Long To Loot

It appears that most people who looted waited until they were desperate. This does not make sense. The failure to loot early and effectively deprived many children and older people of needed food, water, clothes, and medicine. Given that those in New Orleans without sufficient income to prepare Hurricane kits had no other option, they should have made plans in advance to steal everything they needed as soon as the shop owners left town. Had families and groups of friends compiled lists of the items that they would have needed and then assigned specific individuals with the task of looting the required stores efficiently, the looting could have been done before the storm actually hit. Food that would have gone bad due to the loss of electricity could have been eaten first, thus saving non-perishable items for later. The net available useful food would have been increased by efficient and early looting. Many lives may have been saved.
No, it's not satire.

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