Saturday, January 27, 2007


Dumb Down-Under

Longtime readers will be familiar with Australia's Taxi Terrorist, Faruque Ahmed, a man best known for plumbing new depths of stupidity, bigotry, antisemitic terrorist-apologia and conspiracy theories, in bad English, on multiple Indymedia sites, his many own Yahoo Groups and occasional other fora. Repeatedly.

With the closure of Sydney Indymedia, like kicking anthills, Faruque has resurfaced elsewhere. In this case, the "Muslim Village" forums.

Normally, when one is criticized, one might ignore it, or rebuke it.

However, it takes a special kind of moron to link to it, in this case an old thread on Indy Media Watch, with no further comment, as some kind of proof of a grand conspiracy.

Faruque Ahmed is that kind of moron.

It seems he is also quite accomplished at talking to himself.

The advert at the top of the Muslim Village page is for a muslim psychiatry service. How appropriate for Faruque Ahmed Sydney Taxi Driver and Nutcase!

Also I think what Faruque Ahmed Sydney Taxi Driver and Nutcase is trying to say in his last post is that this site has a higher ranking in a Google search of 'Faruque Ahmed' than any posting by Faruque Ahmed himself.

This is clearly evidence of a conspiracy.

On the other hand a Google search for 'Faruque Bin Laden' gives Faruque Ahmed's rants higher ranking than this site. Which seems to be Faruqe Ahmed's explanation for sometimes referring to himself as Faruque Bin Laden.

mcrus"stupidity, bigotry, antisemitic terrorist-apologia and conspiracy theories"

With a record like that he's a natural for many IM sites. The current UK page gives space to an individual calling for the killing of political leaders but hides posts detailing the persecution of Cuban political prisoners.

Where did it all go so wrong ?

ex IMC'er
As a Sydney taxi driver actively fighting for an improvement in our conditions and industry please understand that most Sydney cabbies view this internet serial-pest as one of our biggest handicaps. In no way does he speak on our behalf.

Not that Faruque's rants are confined to the web: he frequently prints his rants onto stickers which he fixes to poles and signposts at Sydney taxi ranks and service stations. One evening while standing next to my vacant cab and reading his drivel a deeply religious (and likeable, friendly and honest) Islamic cabbie approached me, pointed to the sign, and said of Faruque: "This man says he is a Muslim, but he is not a Muslim. He is an idiot."

The ensuing laughter resulted in us becoming firm friends.
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Thank you.
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