Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Arizona Indymedia: No Need for Facts!

Via Arizona Indymedia:
“Trigger happy Mesa cops gladly help this man commit suicide!

Want to commit suicide by your afraid to kill yourself. Call the Mesa Police department they will gladly help you kill your self!!!
Monty Merkley, wanted to kill himself but was afraid to pull the trigger. So the mesa cops got involved and pumped him full of bullets. “
Oddly enough, the author of this post included links to this story in more reputable papers. Here is what the East Valley Tribune reported.
“Police said that when they arrived at the house, the man walked out his front door and pointed a handgun at officers. About two or three officers on scene yelled at Merkley to drop his weapon as they took cover, but he alternated between pointing the gun at himself and pointing it at police, said Mesa Sgt. Chuck Trapani.”
Truly unfortunate that this Indymedia author felt the facts were too damaging to report them. And how she assumed the individual “wanted to kill himself but was afraid to pull the trigger” is beyond me. But again, a connection to the facts and reality are not vital attributes to most Indymedia posts.

I should say that I am aware that this case may have been an attempt at suicide by the man shot by police. But for someone to immediately assume that the police “will gladly help you kill yourself” is a lie, and a poor one at that. Hence, the post here…
Not sure where you are all from but, Mesa cops are notoriously trigger happy. Also, the concept of 'Suicide by Police' is not unknown. There have been a number of TV shows (LAe & Order, CSI...etc) that have used the concept as a plot line. Life does unfortunately imitate TV, the Mesa cops are more than willing to accommodate.

On another note, calling the East Valley Tribune a reputable newspaper is like calling fox news Fair and Balanced. The only people who do that are either on the company payroll or unwilling to investigate things...like story choices. There is no valley news paper that is a 'reputable' news source. We used to have the Phoenix New Times but that is no longer consistently unbiased.

The original writer certainly had a pretty big axe to grind. Which is the problem with much of the indymedia. Keep up the good work!
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