Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The Bitch is Back

Further to my previous post on BC Indymedia comes this rather strict admonition.
Sick of this Shit.

comments / articles that repel the majority of users with constant and unnecessary usage of the words zionthis, zionthat and the other... comments that threaten editors at IMC... comments that degrade the poor... are sexist... are boring... comments that I just plane fucking don't like WILL BE DELETED... so DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME... "robo" - don't fuck with this site anymore. "mj"... you will not edit because you spam us constantly. all trolls... you will all be deleted just because I don't have time to get to know all y'all.... and you all seem to be the problem posters wasting time and bandwidth and repelling users with comments about comments about comments...

The bitch is back... HAVE A NICE DAY!

tired of babysitting... will just delete anything that repels our wonderful and progressive readership base.
Meanwhile, a poll on BC Indymedia asks users to decide whether:
  • BC Indy has bugs with open publishing, but overall, is a good source of non-corporate news.
  • BC Indy is a cesspool for trolls bent on destoying non-corporate media by spam posting in a derogatory manner towards specific religions.
  • BC Indy and open publishing is highly flawed... take it off line.
  • BC Indy, all things considered, is doing fine.
  • At the time of posting, 57.9 percent of voters believe Indymedia is a cesspool.

    Naturally results of the poll are unscientific and (snigger) should not be relied upon as an accurate (snigger) representation.

    I really have no idea what they are trying to say at BC Indymedia. That whole ‘article’ is so poorly written, it hardly counts as English. I am hardly a master of the English language, but you would think they would take a bit more time to put together a coherent piece. They are a ‘news source’ right?

    BC IM’s slow slide into utter garbage is nearly complete it seems.
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