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Beware, you are being Watched

Someone on LA Indymedia has just 'discovered' this blog. Paranoia abounds:
Beware,you are being watched

For those not in the know, there is a blog that has been set up to watch Indymedia. So, mind your Ps and Qs

Does anyone know who this character is?
Does it matter? Nobody asked me of course. Great bit of investigative work! My email address is on the left hand side... Others have dared step into my evil lair...
>Does anyone know who this character is?

well since it's a blog on a hosted site along with hundreds of others there's no direct way to find out short of obtaining the data from the hosting provider

and since nothing illegal's being done and none of us have the authority, that's a dead-end path

I monitor what's on there via google cache so as to avoid going there myself
I hope you are wearing lots of tinfoil as well.
so far nothing much, yet someone seems rather hot & heavy on here about burying the blog's existence

my last post here doesn't even show up in the most recent comments section ;

1.) deleting posts with no explaination
2.) completely ignoring emails sent asking about it
3.) threads hidden, comments in them not showing

makes me wonder what's going on - I'm starting to smell a nester..

with such trickery I'm starting to wonder what I'm even doing here - I get the impression some trolls are coddled & wanted, and with playing underhanded games appearently being the order of the day, they fit right in -

at least better than I do..
Which is pretty much what I've been saying for quite some time. A similar post has appeared on UK Indymedia though they said "Smile, you are being watched" as opposed to "beware". Much nicer.

Like so much else on UK Indymedia, the post was hidden.

I should point out I have never posted a link on any Indymedia site pointing to this site. This documents what I thought to be the first time I was ever linked to from an Indymedia newswire. It happened in late 2004. The blog started in August 2004 so it has taken some approximately 2 years to notice. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough to attract their attention...

Now that I have it, are they likely to note my fair criticism? Not likely. From the LA comments:
Don't click on the link

Don't go to this site.

Ignore all trolls.
That's all I am... Must be why LA Indymedia hid the post. This sort of thing however is okay by comparison.

Update: The same post now appears on Melbourne Indymedia (the "beware" version). Far more capable investigators down-under, they seem to have it solved:
Naziboy's site
by troll
That is Nazihunter's site. It's been there for a while - lately mostly attacking Faruque and Stacy from SIM. Nazihunter is probably Chris Parsons but I'm not really sure about that.
Not really sure about anything I suspect...

Update: Evil Pundit notes in comments, he too is Chris Parsons! I am Chris Parsons also. Are you Chris Parsons as well?

A comment on the LA Page by AVM nails it:
due to indymediawatch, the radical leftist and terrorist supporting elment of all IMC's has been exposed. Your true colors have been shown.

The original idea of IMC wasn't bad, I'll admit that. But what it has turned into is absolutely disgusting. None of the powers that be for IMC truly care about "independent" media. They hide behind the guise of "independence," when in reality it's a socialist/communist/terrorist sympathizing bunch of quacks.

To prove my point, I've seen articles posted on IMC sites flat-out ridiculing Sharon's condition. These weren't deleted or hidden. They were there in plain sight. Real classy guys.

Yet, when Arafat died, there was nothing posted at all toward his death the same way there was Sharon.

If it were truly "INDY" media, they wouldn't sway so far to the left, yet would be an outlet for everyone without a voice. That is not the case, and Indymediawatch has done a great job of exposing this. In fact, IMCwatch is on my blogroll, and it will continue to be.

It'd do you folks good just to come clean. You're communists/socialists/envir-wackos/anti-western/terrorist-sympathizing sickos.

It's fairly obvious.

Change the name of your site to fit the content and do yourselves a favor, you bunch of dishonest cowards. Either that or truly start acting like an "independent" media source.

Frankly, right now you're not fooling anyone.
To the last point, I disagree. Plenty of naive innocents are being fooled daily, sometimes even working groups who perpetuate this, and that is a big problem.

Chris Parsons sure gets around. As a matter of fact, I'm Chris Parsons too.
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