Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Viruses Spread via Indymedia

UK Indymedia is reporting that that Indymedia images may be infected with a Windows Exploit which infects computers as soon as they view the image.

Whilst this is a Windows security hole, for which security updates are available, and not an Indymedia flaw per se, it does highlight another problem (from a technical standpoint) of a wide-open publishing medium.

Better read the article and comments before they are censored...

In fairness, its also a blogger problem as well however dude.

Profile imaged can be linked offsite.

That means , someone can substitute in a virus laden image, and blammo. Instant infection.
In fairness, its also a blogger problem as well however dude.

Not so much dude.

As a commenter, you cannot leave images on this blog. You could leave a comment which gave a link to an offsite page or image, however users would need to consciously do something (click on the link) to fall prey to your malicious scheme.

Certainly you could set up your own blog and host malicious images or code there, as you could set up a website doing the same.

However, you would not usually receive traffic to that site in the same manner as an Indymedia site could receive visitors expecting (heaven forbid) news or robust political debate.

Referring to my example above, on an uncontrolled publishing webspace such as Indymedia, a visitor could simply open a page and be subjected to the harmful code-embedded images.

As I originally mentioned, it's not a problem unique to Indymedia, however it is another example of the problems of wide open, uncontrolled publishing media, in much the same way endless Nazi and Libellous posts are. I don't believe your example of Blogger (which hosts this site) is comparable.

Blammo Schmammo!
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