Saturday, December 17, 2005


Global Warming Threatens Santa Claus

Further to my previous suggestion of the perfect children's' book for Christmas, UK Indymedia, in this article warns:
Few are talking about, but the truth is out there.

Santa Claus is in deep do do.

As global warming melts his Arctic homes, Rudolph and his brother and sister reindeer are under threat, along with - polar bears, ice-dwelling seals and several forms of Arctic vegetation - not to mention the many indigenous human inhabitants of the area.
The article is actually quite amusing, subsequent comments however are not:
Many people kill themselves at Christmas thinking of these things. Do nature a favour, don't kill yourself but kill somebody richer and who consumes more.
A later comment refers to the seriously cool Norad Tracks Santa webpage ( however notes:
Every year NORAD also assign airforce fighter jets to track Santa across their airspace. They have this cute little website where you can watch SantaCams on board fighter-bombers. Seemingly they have been busy tracking Santa for 50 years, perhaps this helps explain why they were so unprepared for 911.
Can you say "bah humbug"?

Well he comes to Australia for Christmas, so he can't mind the hot weather that much.

And anyway, I thought global warming was supposed to lead to global cooling, or something like that.

Anyway, I was for global warming before I was against it.
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