Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Jews Control Your Bowels!

They are artificially powering you up in several ways, among other things this ENMOD is a vast human experimentation in Psi...it was initially developed in small way by nazis, haven't you noticed how you are becoming more attuned to certain things? How certain things now hurt that didn't used to, and shouldn't? You are in shared pain with the whole planet...we are screaming inside together...bush is satan. You would not believe the developement of the implants, all they have told you is just a joke, to cover up the real implant tech.

So, your body is getting jolted and has been in trauma since 2000...the ignorant who call bush christ have no way of understanding any of this because they have been systematically made stupid and their natural curiousity has been stunted through intensive mass osraeli mind control called Christianity You WILL believe israelis are gods chosen, and you will BEG to be bent over and buggered at their whim.
Seen on Sydney indymedia (of course). (Bile-Soaked Hat Tip: Evil Pundit)

My favourite bit:

"Now they can make you shit when they want, or not ... they can hurt us all really badly or see up our butts whenever".
so Bush is looking up my butt?
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