Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Weather Prediction

Having previously reported on the disgraceful way Indymedia 'reported' Hurricane Katrina, and with Hurricane Rita heading toward the Texas coast, I want to make a few predictions.

Looking at various sites, I can see Texas has prepared for this in a much better manner than New Orleans. Compare and contrast:

With:New Orleans.

The Texans have been showing how it should be done, well and truly preparing for a major event such as this, well and truly in advance.

I predict, we will hear a mass of arguments from Indymedia suggesting:

1) Texas was taken care of better than Louisiana because that's Bush's home town (blah...and he's Hitler...). Ditto Florida and Jeb Bush.

In other words, if people don't die, it's all Bush's fault as well!

2) We have learned something from Katrina and this facilitated Texas' success (Blacks died so Texans could live...blah)

To this, I say sorry. Despite learning plenty(!) there is no way, no how such a program as Texas' could be prepared, developed, approved and communicated in the time between Katrina and now. Indeed, much of the planning predates George W. Bush and his Father. They did it right, ahead of time. No prize.

Texans are all doing the right thing, by the way from local government, all the way down to citizen responsibility, including the ones that didn't vote for Bush.

3) Texas people are white, only black people got killed in New Orleans....Genocide....Blah....

Don't even know how to answer that other than reminding them that Mayor Nagin was black too...

Good luck Texas! Here it comes...
Indymedia, I'll be watching!

Feel free to leave a comment predicting what they'll say... We'll review in a few weeks and see who came close.

Update: Who was I kidding? I only needed to wait a few hours.

You left out that Bush is Hitl...

No, you did get that.

As you point out, the reason why Texas has been more successful than Louisiana, is that at least the lower levels of Government have done their job.
Not only is local government better in Texas, but the whole Federal disaster response apparatus, plus all the state and local resources in all the states in the region, are already mobilized and close by. Of course, Bush knew all that, it was part his insidious plan all along...
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