Saturday, February 26, 2005


What makes an activist?

What qualifies someone as an "activist"?

This fellow was called one because he threw a molotov cocktail through the window of an army recruiting station.
Activist Sentenced to 5 Years for Molotov Attack on Army Recruitment Station
A judge preferred the term "criminal" and he will be spending the next five years staring out a jail-cell window.

According to the article on NYC Indymedia,
"Brendan Walsh is a hero and deserves support"
Hmm... Bottle, rag, petrol, throw. Such bravery!
I'm off to the gas station. I will be returning a hero.

He also has quite a bit of support:
Brendan, thank you for your inspiring action. If the rest of us worked harder to sabotage the war effort especially by targeting recruiting centers, the achilles heel of the army, we might actually be able to affect the bastards.

Lets support the folks who get busted taking risks!
Thank God at least two readers had some perspective:
Hero's do constructive things. They do not throw molotov cocktails in pointless ineffectice pathetic little attempts to gain attention. His fifteen minutes of fame are up, and now he will wind up playing housewife to some dude in prison for the next five years.
Tossing a burning rag into a recruiting center is not striking a critical blow against the military-industrial complex.

That was just stupid.

Why are you guys encouraging such retarded behavior?

Why don't you guys go toss some burning rags around instead of cheering on these poor bozos who do some stupid action like this and get locked up forever.

Who needs enemies with friends like you?

You encourage young people to do pointless actions that send them to jail for years and then offer some "solidarity" with a couple posts on the internet. That's bullshit!

You guys are just like the group of assholes who talk the poor retarded kid in the neighborhood into robbing a store and when he gets busted you you sit back and offer him some "props" from your couch while he does 5 years.
I think they've all spent a bit too much time sniffing the rags.

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