Sunday, February 27, 2005


What do Forbes and Indymedia have in common?

Not much. Meanwhile, Regular readers may recall my mid-January report on abuse of statistics where I mentioned the bird-flu.
The World Health Organization has a big problem: It needs to alert the public to the dangers of a virus that has killed very few people, yet could, in some scenarios, devastate nations across the globe.

So, the group's doctors and scientists have lately been forecasting truly alarming numbers from the so-called Asian bird flu -- up to 100 million deaths. One researcher has gone much further, suggesting the toll could be up to a billion people.

Or in other words, a Bird Flu related virus has actually only killed a few people but could potentially kill billions (but might not).

Now imagine the headlines:
"Billions could die: Scientist"
"Millions more deaths to come" and so on.
Read it all.

It seems Forbes Magazine has fallen for it as well.
It is likely to kill many millions of people, sicken a quarter of the world's population and send the global economy into a tailspin. There is little we can do to stop this disaster from happening, and it could already be imminent.

Are you scared yet?

I am scared. These Zio Nazi pigs are poisoning the chickens of South-East Asia and starting a Holocaust by proxy.

You might try to hide the truth Mr Watcher, but we all know the hidden agenda contained in that fabulous book "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". I am just glad it was leaked by the Tsarist police for us to see.

This isn't about disease of chickens, it's about Jewish/Zionist conspiracies and their contorl of the media. No doubt that's why we haven't read much about it...

The Jews will never catch it cause they only eat that kosher stuff. proof enough for me.
Thank you.

Please report immediately to your local Indymedia office for a cadetship.
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