Monday, February 28, 2005



According to this article, a Nonviolent demonstration was held in the West Bank of Israel but there was a "violent IOF response".

I thought IOF was a typo for IDF, but no, looking through the source website -, the International Solidarity Movement, I can see it is a frequently used but invented term for "Israeli Occupation Forces".

I know what you are thinking - Palsolidarity/ISM is possibly not as objective or unbiased as one might expect from a reputable news source like Indymedia. In fact, weren't they the same organization which gave support to terrorists?

Gosh, a completely biased report on Israel appearing on Indymedia? Who would have thought? The author does makes me wonder just a little about the authenticity of the article's claims and accusations...

So does what was left out.

Here's another example of 'nonviolent' protest action which happened at the same time, but for 'some reason' didn't appear in the report dated the same day.

An Israeli woman in shock is helped by a man at the site of a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. Israel arrested the brothers of a suicide bomber who killed four people outside a Tel Aviv nightclub

People survey the scene of last night's suicide blast in Tel Aviv, February 26, 2005.

Wait let me guess. In reporting about the protest, whilst ignoring the above altogether, it wasn't a case of journalistic dishonesty and reeking anti-Israel propaganda, Indymedia was really just reporting on the news the MSM don't cover right? Thanks for the favour, but I thought we had al-Jazeera for that.

Update: It has finally happened, and I have been forced to disable comments for this post as several offensive messages were posted. Apparently destroying Indymedia wasn't sufficient.

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