Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Cheap source of food

Whils perusing Philly Indymedia, I couldn't help but ask, what the hell is a Freegan?
Oh. Thanks.

If you are an "anti-capitalist", what vetter way to protest the economy than withdrawing from it and never using money?
Working sucks and if a little scavenging can keep you from needing a job than go jump in a dumpster! Even if you do need to work to pay your bills, think about how much less you would have to work if you didn't have to buy food.
The Ultimate Boycott - By not consuming, you are boycotting EVERYTHING! All the corporations, all the stores, all the pesticides, all the land and resources wasted, the capitalist system, the all-oppressive dollar, the wage slavery, the whole burrito! That should help you get to sleep at night.
...or starve.

Read it all, it's hilarious if for no other reason than someone was actually serious about it.

She must have wireless. I've never seen a dumpster with a hookup.

What if she dies in a dumpster and gets hauled to a landfill? An International Corporation will end up paying for her funeral. Oh, that's shoplifting which is acceptable!

Hydraulic regards
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