Monday, January 24, 2005


Indymedia Hypocrisy Continues

Looking down the left hand column of the Indy Media Site, you'd be forgiven for noticing that while there is no shortage of European or American sub-sites, there really aren't a whole lot of Middle Eastern ones. There are only three. Two of them, Israel and Palestine Indymedia exist simply because they can.

Unsuprisingly, there is no Egypt Indymedia, Saudi Indymedia or any other number of Middle Eastern sites.

We now know why an Iranian Indymedia isn't going to happen soon thanks to local bloggers being tortured.

But you won't hear about any of this on the Indymedia sites whose contributors take their freedom completely for granted. They aren't concerned with real oppression, real censorship, real fascism or real anything. While people are thrown in jail for speaking their mind and fatwas issued for dissent, those with both the right and privilege to do so seem more concerned with breaking stuff and bitching about America. What hypocrisy! What happened?

Indymedia is increasingly censored also. I do not use those sites censored, although I notice some of my older articles still exist on the now censored sites, such as, which at one time was very open. Now all wants to do is censor free speech and talk about how good their struggle to sell dope at the price of gold is going.

It is my hope a nuclear bomb or other strong military device splits the nation up so we can retake our cities by force. The regime in power is not us. Indymedia is dieing due to censorship anyway. Warfare is the next option when we are silenced.

San Francisco's is like a post op transexuals sexual organs....there is nothing there.

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