Sunday, January 23, 2005


Apology to the Saudis

I previously endorsed comments that while infidels America (Great Satan), Australia (Slave of Great Satan) and Israel (Little Satan) were helping Muslims in tsunami areas, the Saudis were being miserably stingy in their aid (or relative lack of it) to tsunami victims.

Courtesy of Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, I now know exactly how the Saudis will be contributing.
The Saudi royal family has cleared plans to construct 4,500 madrasas in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka at a cost of $ 35 million to promote “modern and liberal education with Islamic values”, and the Saudi embassy in New Delhi is pushing this somewhat tentatively with the Union HRD ministry and Minorities Commission....

These are likely to be 4,500 centers to spread the jihad ideology and the idea that Muslims must wage war in order to impose Sharia everywhere they can. The implications for the future of South Asia are obvious.
And quite frightening.

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