Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Indymedia and anti-Semitism

I previously linked to an article on Sydney Indymedia in my "Indy Roundup".

Most of the articles in the 'roundup' were at best amusing, at worst, sad.

I now sincerely regret being so flippant in describing one of those articles as "True-Blue Bonza Nazis Downunder". The article in question is here.

The piece in question is entitled: "More Israeli Innovation" and makes the point that Israel had won two-thirds of the prizes in the latest WSJ innovation awards. It then contrasts this with Arab underachievement. It cites UN and Economist reports that indicate Arab countries are well behind the rest of the world in education, literacy and development. The UN and numerous pundits argue this is because the Arab leadership is corrupt and the "lamentable shortage of three essentials: freedom, knowledge and womanpower" absolutely stand in the way of development. Fair enough perhaps.

There is no shortage of bad 'news' about Israel on Indymedia and as I have mentioned, it is wholly disproportionate to 'reporting' on any other country, usually including the host country of the IMC site in question. This example of highly-positive Israeli news however cleary raised the ire of some Israel-haters. So much so, they came out from their usual claimed anti-Zionism camouflage and exposed their true colors. Anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred, plain and simple for the world to see.

Since last week, it has been the most commented article on the Sydney site and totally overrun with comments that cannot fairly be described as anyhing less than appalling. I shall list a few small examples:
thats an amerinazi puppit regime and is rael thats not a state ,just a proxy american army base administered by a bunch of thieving back-stabing jew scum nazi h. you are a loser and thats why you jews keep getting your asses slaughtered by the millions and the nbext holicost will turn israel into a glassy plain and roasted jew smucks, you greedy stupid sons-of-bitches are being setup and your fall is coming very soon, hahahahahaha you know it. israel is soon to be sacrificed to justify the culling of the the oil fields by ass hole nazi h. you stupid shit ball bitch, you fat UGLY worthless LOSER!!
by jew boy
we are so brite we even make great lamp shades!
under Arafat conditions improved untill the current conflict broke out. Whereas under Israeli rule conditions continually deteriorated, despite huge amounts of money coming in. So show me a poor Israeli leader?
he prefers to peddle his cultural bigotry and blindness because he's just a racist prick begging for a spin in the oven.
Jews are money grubbing turds who'd flog their own mother for a buck.
Jews get into positions of power and promote other Jews regardless of their talent or competency.
We all know you Jews aren't backward about shoving yourself forward and like to be noticed and patted on the head like mummy's boys.
For your enjoyment Naziboy (enjoy it while you can).
The last two links are to a right-wing/Nazi supremacist site and it should be obvious why I haven't hyperlinked them.

The article also features plenty by previously reported deranged nut Faruque Ahmed who is now spamming the rest of Sydney's 'newswire' as well.

Get a sickbag and go and read the whole thing, arguments from both sides and general level of conversation. You will be disgusted and embarrassed, but it is important people see this.

Protests about blatant Nazism and anti-Semitism on Indymedia are typically fruitless.
What I expect will happen now is the common response denying genuine anti-Semitism exists and probably suggesting the above quotes were in fact posted by Jews looking for sympathy. That is, all articles condemnatory of Jews were actually written by covert Jewish Mossad agents. It's already happened in this thread:
Sydney should take this shit down. But they wont because they are a bunch of stuck up, racist, wankers.

Oh yeah, and Nazi, I spoke up when they put anti-semitic shit up too. You are really no better (actually you are probably the same troll anyway).
Finally, some who criticize Israel claim they resent being called anti-Semites and claim Jews were trying to stifle debate about Israel. It is argued however that such claims are not always genuine and indeed attempt to disarm Jews from identifying genuine anti-Semitism where 'debate' crosses the line from legitimate criticism to anti-Semitic vilification posing as criticism. (Good article: here or here). Differentiating legitimate criticism of Israel from the so-called new anti-Semitism.
Sometimes people tell me they are not anti-Semites when I have not accused them of anything of the sort! There must be a message in this defensiveness.
Ironically, the charge of anti-Semitism is now being used not so much to stifle criticism of Israel but to silence Israel's defenders
Source: Peace with Realism.

Referring back to the Sydney Indymedia piece, have a look at some of the condemnation of racism:
Your heart and your words are so full of venom! It's so scary to see so much hatred and racism poured out on the pages of sydney indymedia
Opponents of anti-Semitism? Hardly. This comment referred to the original piece, and not to the genuinely hate-filled comments which preceded this one (e.g. "roasted jew" one comment prior).

It seems whilst continuous, unrelenting and frequently hate-filled articles critical of Israel are quite justified, any criticism whatsoever of the Arab World is unacceptable. This blog believes the Arab World deserves plenty. In Arab countries, dissidents could be killed so a lack of criticism is somewhat understandable. But in Sydney, Australia?

When double-standards and anti-Semitism collide, Indymedia is the product.

Update: It gets better. In addition to standard anti-Semitic canards about Jewish media control, as the world commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz, Sydney Indymedia is instead denying the Holocaust.

What we are fighting here is the jewish media monopoly that controls all information that is pertinent to their cause
The Holocaust was the reason we are meant to believe that that Palestinians owed the jews their land and livelihoods, even though there is not one fact connecting the Palestinians to this said Holocaust. Not many facts to support the Holocaust period if the actual records of that time are to be believed.

It looks like Vancouver Indymedia may have some competition...

Oh. My. God.

You do a great job keeping your sanity plowing through this filth.
Your devotion to keeping you finger to the pulse of the gurgling slime pit that Indy media has become is commendable as always.

Did I mention I have a Costco membership and they sell anti-bacterial soap by the gallon? Last time I was there they were also selling rather large water heaters. The combination of the two might get that lingering stink off.

Keep up the good work
At your service
Sister Geoff
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