Saturday, January 01, 2005


Indy Media New Years Resolutions:

New York City Indy Media is discussing how it can "become stronger by considering where we've been and where we could go".

Fair Enough. Comments so far include:
I'd like to see less removal of "sarcastic" or "arguementative" posts.
Less removal of "critical" posts. Not right-wing or pointless flame shit like "WWP lix Stalin's corpse" crap or whatever, but if it actually has a point leave it up even if it is "argumentative".
Don't use quicktime or proprietary or patent encumbered mpg4 for any video!
Continue to expand the range of opinions and voices being brought in -- particularly from the diversity of the radical left.
Personally, I think we've heard quite enough from the Radical Left on NYC IMC but that's just my opinion.

What I don't get, is how through all of this introspection, no one has thought "Hey, I know how we can improve the quality of the site; Let's stop encouraging continuous crap like this":

Unwritten Rules One Must Follow to Publish on Indybay or Most Places in the United States:

#1) You must believe everything that the Zionists say about the Holocaust.

(Sorry, I don't believe everything the Zionists say about anything, including the Holocaust.)

#2) You must not object to paying the "kosher food tax" every time you go to the store to get your groceries.

#3) You must believe that the war in Iraq is all about oil and corporations.

(Sorry, but it's obvious the war is about Zionists' ambitions for Israel and Zionist power

#4) You must believe that Israel is the poor, teensy little victim in the Middle East and that the Big Bad USA is using poor little Israel for an aircraft carrier to protect US interests in the Middle East.

(Sorry to burst your bubble...The fact is that Zionists are using the US as a cash cow to further the Zionist agenda, where Israel will be the power center of the world with Jerusalem as its capital. Yes, there are really Zionists who believe this and they have a lot of money, power and influence in the USA. Don't kid yourselves!

#6) You must not acknowledge, nor especially be critical of the fact that Jewish power and influence surpasses any other ethnic group or religious group in the media and even in areas of our government such as US foreign policy, especially at this moment in time.

(How can you deny this?)

The editors of Indybay are also closet Zionists, the worst insult of all, since it means there will be endless war for Israel. If you don't confront the facts and issues or at least openly debate them instead of "hiding" them, YOU, are part of the problem.

So there you have it folks, not only are Jews Zionists trying to take over the world, Jews Zionists already control the US Government, media, economy and now Indy Media as well. Sound familiar?

And despite this, whilst arguing about file formats, sarcasm, lefties, righties and diversity, no one thus far has suggested or even hinted that NYC Indymedia try harder (or even bother) to limit racist or blatantly anti-Semitic rants on their website.

I guess it's just not an issue...

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