Thursday, November 11, 2004


Yasser that'll be fine...

Yasser Arafat is finally dead.

According to San Francisco Bay Indy Media:

For nearly five decades, Yasser Arafat was a larger-than-life figure for those who admired him as well as those who hated and feared him, or, to be more precise, for those who hated and feared the Palestinian view of history, justice, and politics.

Oh. I thought it was because Arafat was regarded as a terrorist mastermind.

Justice: Thanks directly to Arafat, Israeli children were murdered, and Palestinian children had nothing while Arafat's wife lives it up on millions of dollars of foreign aid money in Paris. Opponents were murdered and press freedoms were nil (anyone on so-called Independent Media paying attention?)

Politics: Arafat's death has led to a power vacuum and chaos in the Palestinian Government thanks to his dictatorial control over it even on his death-bed.

I for one never thought justice or politics were two words which would feature highly in Arafat's eulogy, but not so in San Francisco Bay it seems...

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