Friday, November 26, 2004


Those pesky Zionists again...

A disgraceful article on New Hampshire Indy Media reports that someone's daughter rented the wrong DVD. According to the article, it is clear evidence of an evil Zionist plot...

The other day my daughter surprised me by renting the acclaimed Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. She knew that I was very anxious to see it, so she went to one of the local video rental stores and rented three movies of which Fahrenheit 9/11 was supposed to be one of. Her intention was that we could watch it as a family.

Well, you can imagine how upset I was to find out that the people in the video store in Concord, New Hampshire had rented out something other than Michael Moore’s Fahrenheir 9/11. They deceived her by renting out an movie entitled Fahrenhype 9/11, which is deceptively packaged to look exactly like the Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

Notice the deceitful tactics that the Zionists are using in order to prevent the American people from getting educated about the realities of the events of 9/11. Besides using Moore's photo on this DVD, they changed the spelling of Fahrenheit ever so slightly, just as the Mafia used to do years ago when they sold their phony watches and perfume. There obvious isn't much difference between the two!

When you have stopped laughing, consider the following.
First, apparently it's okay for Mike Moore to "ever so slightly" change the spelling of a Ray Bradbury classic's title to produce his propaganda, however it is not okay for anyone else to do the same in producing theirs.

Secondly, the piece goes on to claim:

included on this trashhype are interviews with officials from the American Enterprise Institute, an Zionist thinktank that presently has a great hold on our imfamous leader, George W.

Bad spelling aside, apparently that's because George W. Bush spoke at one of their functions.

The author of the piece believes that (evil boogey boogey) Zionists are trying to convince the world that Mike Moore is wrong about 9/11 (sidenote: They're not the only ones). However, not only does the author believe Mike Moore is right in his assertions that George W was in bed with the Saudis, he also believes the Jews Zionists control George W.

I repeat the question: "Who exactly is Bush working for? - Is he Israel's bitch? Or the Saudis' bitch?". It seems our North Hampshire correspondent needs to think about it a little more. He might also want to work out how those pesky Zionists have also managed to control all the DVD stores when they must already be so busy controlling government, banks, the media and so on...

I'm not sure what worries me more. That Indy Media gladly publish pieces like this (which have predictably been echoed elsewhere (as being of 'local importance') on the Indy Media network - #1, #2 for starters) or that such a twisted person has a family and has evidently been breeding.

James F. Harrington regurgitates all the anti-Zionist tripe on multiple IMC locations. Just Google his name; he's everywhere.
Dude, I've posted this on Cranky Neocon. Good work.
I think the whole story rolled into a power dive of no return when the second paragraph started with: "...the people in the video store in Concord, New Hampshire had rented out something other than Michael Moore’s Fahrenheir 9/11. They deceived her..." (I presume the arthur meant "Farenheit". But anyway.)

Apple not far from tree. Daughter was *clearly* a victim of those "people in the video store".

Or, daughter couldn't read when she picked the video off the shelf.

Given the spelling in the rest of the rant, I'm voting "couldn't read".

Could she have gone back and gotten the 'right' one. Most certainly. But, that would have required someone in that poor, victimy house to (gasp) *take responsibillity*.

Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

Are you sure it wasn't "Liberal Larry" of BlameBush?
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