Wednesday, November 03, 2004


League of Stupid Doo-doo Heads

Whilst it's probably fair to assume most Indy Media types aren't hoping for George W Bush to win the Presidential election, according to the Indy Media hosted League of Pissed Off Voters, protests were to be held no matter who won the US Election. They issued a:

Call to action in response to any one of several possible scenarios:

1. a disputed winner of the Presidential election, massive voter disenfranchisement or election fraud
2. a Kerry win
3. a Bush win

No matter what happens, we will demonstrate for truth and accountability

Umm... Guys? Get over yourselves...

>League of Pissed Off Voters<

Love the name, too bad the moon bats got to it first.
They're protesting the 50 million votes the corporate monopoly has stolen from Ralph Nader, of course.
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