Monday, March 20, 2006


Blowing Hot Air

Top of Google News was coverage of the massive cyclone which hit Northern Australia yesterday.

Indymedia reaffirmed its uselessness as a news source in its coverage of what should be a major story.

Darwin Indymedia, geographically the closest to the eye of the storm, is out of action due to bitching between the states.

Sydney had only
this rather baffling piece, whilst Melbourne and Perth Indymedia had nothing at all.

Both sites however, had gleeful coverage of rioting and Car-B-Ques in the streets of Paris.

I guess some things are just more important to Australian Indymedia.

No doubt this will change when someone can continue the work of the late Joe Vialls and work out how to blame the Jews or Bush for the cyclone.

one of them HAD to blame bush for this.
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