Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Are you blind too?

A moment ago I asked the question "Is there anyone at Indy Media who believes, just for a second, that there are actually bad people in the world (you know, besides Jews and Americans)?"

Someone has just emailed me this image which sums up the problem magnificently.

Peace movement blindly walking towards cliff at the bottom of which are militant Islamist Jihadis carrying machine-guns. Image Hosted by

All of the pretty colours, flying doves and billowy dresses have completely blinded some people from the harsh reality of some other people in the world today.

I believe some people are blind, and others deliberately choose to be. They are all walking towards the precipice and the ultimate consequence will be the same.

Blind, as well as stupid. What a deadfly combination. Why these nutjobs think that Islamists will leave them alone is beyond me. I guess when someone like Rachel Corrie allows herself to be used as a tool by the Islamic Terrorist propaganda machine, it sends the message that anyone opposed to Israel and the US is all right with Islamists. Speaking of tools, Rachel Corrie sure was one, wasn't she?
The West does foster Idealism. It's; "This is Fair and that is Unfair." Looks Grrrreat on paper! It's right there under the surface of every childhood enviroment (just about.)

There's little or no pragmatism. So most of us who have little discipline reach the point of adulthood and choose an identity. What are the waiting arms that reach out? MTV(rock the vote or I'll kill you), IndyMedia and/or some 70%-chance Democrat/Leftist university professor? The unconcious desire to differentiate oneself from parents/elders and thereby express breeding maturity, or whatever, is the point of departure. Again, what are the waiting arms?

Alot, or just about everything, of what I see at IndyMedia is adolescent rebellion magnified. Almost an endless cry for help. But there's only so much time in a day and I godda get to the Track!

The simple-minded Idealism never ends hence Indymedia tautology for life...

Now on the flipside is another culture where the psychological confinement is relentless. Read the same book over and over. Everything else is a lie by enemies, subdue them, trick them, kill them, go to heaven.

We all have it coming one way or another, sooner or later(later I hope!) So unless you're gonna lay down and die without fighting, like some Buddhist Monk, you're going to choose a side. We all choose a side either conciously or unconciously.

The Idealists are always tricked(unconciously choosing a side) by their worst enemies because their reasoning is un-self-concious bifurication. They're sitting ducks.

I take great pride in the fact that I don't blame anything else but myself for my failures. Idealists cannot do this because their premise must involve denial else they be guilty too. They can't be unfair, right? Cuz that's wrong, right?

It's really a pity but that doesn't mean I'll trust what I pity.
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