Wednesday, October 27, 2004


My first threat

Today I received my first threatening message - naturally from someone who chose to remain anonymous.

You are a truly sad sad man.

I thought there may be persons such as yourself out there. Now I know its true. How anyone could be so unashameably [sic] right wing and conceited, I do not know.

This blog's days are numbered.

Presumably the poster dislikes me and this blog for taking exception to Indy Media. I wonder why? Could it be that the cry of 'freedom of speech' no matter the content, by diehard Indy Media advocates is fine unless it applies to someone who doesn't agree with them in which case their "days are numbered"?

Update: Someone (gee I wonder who) is now trying to spam the comments and have me implicated for copyright infringement. A most intelligent form of debate. I may have to turn off anonymous commenting. It's really sad when people are so filled with hate...

>It's really sad when people are so filled with hate...

LOL so funny coming from you...

All good man I couldn't really care less...

It wasn't a threat.

All I meant was that given the views you hold, I wouldn't expect the site to get more that a single cursory glance.

You could try to make a big thing of this in the hope that it increases your hits from 5 to 10 per week, but I'm not sure I have the energy to continue this for too long.

If you'd like to know my views on things, by all means ask.

Ah well time for sleep...btw sorry for any misunderstanding...I didn't mean to infer a threat.


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