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Get Down!

A front-page article on UK Indymedia says:
Get Down to Your Local Indy

Local Indymedia groups (IMCs) exist all over the UK. Some have existed longer than others and some are more active than others, but they all have one thing in common: they need your help.
You know. So they can keep churning out quality independent journalism like this article, which suggests the recent suicide bombing in Eilat was really a Mossad plot. Just like 9/11 of course.

Then there's this one: Paedo-police video every UK child naked.

Get on down!

Update: It seems there are still enough people involved with UK Indymedia to ensure that Holocaust Remembrance Day articles are hidden and any article about Israel which doesn't follow the party line, is also hidden.

Update II: Via comments, UK Indymedia moderator, "Sam Wilson" illustrates (once again) what's so wrong with UK Indymedia.

Of course what the post doesn't say is why they want help. After the recent changes to code access which saw Editorial Control reduced to a small rump of the original team contributions fell alarmingly. Take a look at the front page and see if you can spot the near identical style of many of them. The reason for this is that the majority are being written by the same people. Many are simply fantasy, reports about events that either didn't take place or were written based on cobbled together second hand details from other sites.

The old bigotry still remains of course so when this week some reports were filed about events surrounding Holocaust Day they were quickly removed, after all what Indymedia Jew hater wants to see expressions of public sympathy for elderly Jews. Far better to have posts that promise "debate" about the Holocaust or those that contain links to Holocaust denial websites and blogs !

In the meantime the steady diet of anti-Semitism continues as before and support continues to collapse....

ex IMC'er
Nice to see that ex IMCer is commenting about all the articles being written by the same people. He must be one of the most prolific authors. The claim that Holocaust stuff was hidden is one of his posts and is a a fantasy along the same lines as his non-existent IMC Monitoring Team and his Indymedia GB. The other 2 were from the IHT and the Times - so they breach the editorial guidelines.
Sam Wilson

You have claimed in the past to be involved with the IMC-UK webpage. If this is the case why not spend your time stopping the tide of anti semitic posts that are destroying the network right now rather than posting here.

I was one of the people who saw the posts about the Holocaust days and I saw they were removed. I was not alone judging by the number of people who posted complaints about it. Trying to pretend all the comments about the way the site is controlled are from one individual is to be blunt pathetic.

Final piece of advice, do be consistent when you post your disinformation here. First you denied that any posts were removed and then you say they were hidden because they broke the editorial guidelines, which is it !

Anti Semitism is not acceptable. Removing posts because they show Jewish and non Jewish people remembering the millions who were killed by the Nazis is offensive.
So, where are these hidden holocaust day posts then?

"First you denied that any posts were removed and then you say they were hidden"

Well, not the same thing is it? Hidden posts are still viewable - removed posts are presumably removed - and I do assert that hasn't happened. Even posts with personal details edited out remain viewable.

Give me the urls for the "the tide of anti semitic posts that are destroying the network right now" and I'll sort them out - if they do in fact prove to be anti-semitic and not just anti-zionist.
Yes of course it's fine to shower insults on Jewish people as long as you remember to call them Zionist isn't it Sam.

Let's extend this argument shall we, how about we refer to black people as "fish" or maybe Korean citizens as "televisions" this way we can be critical sure in the knowledge that we are not being racist, bigoted or offensive ???

Zionism (a desire to see a Jewish homeland) is the excuse Indymedia racists always use to justify their disgusting prejudice. We are not fooled.

You are racists, your racism, like all racism, is based on ignorance. Perhaps what is hardest for you to endure is that we are laughing at you, laughng at your ignorance, your bigotry and most of all we are laughing at your fear......
Using the word "Zionist" as a prejoritive term is a well known tactic on Indymedia and the UK site in particular. It has been used so much and so often many people don't even know what a Zionist is. When they are told it is simply an individual who seeks Jewish self-determination they are confused as to how it can be used in the way Indymedia uses it.

Indymedia uses Zionist because of course they recognise that saying Jews do this or Jews do that makes clear their racism. People who preach against Zionism are simply the same old racists we have seen throughout history. They fear Jews and think that there is some vast Jewish organisation running the world. Indeed many on the UK Left actually think Jews stopped a Communist revolution in the UK during the 1950's.

There are some still being taken in by the old cry of,

"No I object to Zionists not Jews" but not many any more.

The question here is a simple one. Ddoes Sam Wilson defend Indymedia UK racism because he is too stupid to recognise it or does he defend it because he secretly approves ?

ex IMc'er
But you're not laughing, you're up in arms and starting crap blogs to complain.

Any criticism of an IDEOLOGY which serves to dispossess and oppress is couched as racism.

Theres nothing funny about any of it.

And then of course there are the jews who complain about being accused of the same things:

Theres also - once again - no urls to confirm "the tide of anti semitic posts that are destroying the network right now", nor is there an url for the fantasy hidden posts from the sick mind of ex-imcer.

What a surprise....
''Any criticism of an IDEOLOGY which serves to dispossess and oppress is couched as racism.''

Right, Anti-Zionism serves to dispossess and opress Jewish people. That's why anti-zionism is racist ideology.

All nazis are anti-zionists.
People are known by the company they keeps.
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