Tuesday, October 24, 2006


On Credibility

A typical anti-Israel article on UK Indymedia claims the UK Press is ignoring Israel's use of cluster bombs in the recent war with Hezbollah. A subsequent comment:
Human Rights Watch reported that Hezbollah also fired Cluster munitions at Israeli civilian areas.


Whilst accusing the UK Press of ignoring what Israel did - even though phosphorus bombs are not illegal - it's quite telling that you completely ignore the behaviour of Hezbollah terrorists
Hardly surprising, but then comes this comment:
Um, if you read the report carefully, you'll note that HRW's only source for that particular allegation is Israel. Not exactly credible.
Although this claim is demolished by a later comment, I'm sure Human Rights Watch must love the respect they get from fellow 'activists' on UK Indymedia.

Up the road on Ireland Indymedia, in a separate report:
On Monday RTE made a major news report about what it claimed was the presence of Islamic cells linked to Al-Qaeda in Ireland. The source of the report was the US Government.

The US Government is hardly a reliable source considering they have been shown to be liars time and time again in relation to reports made linking Iraq to weapons of mass destruction, Al Qaeda and the attacks on Pentagon World Trade centre. (sic)

Definition of Chutzpah: Indymedia dismissing the credibility of others.

Human Rights Watch are only quoted when they are on message as far as IMC UK is concerned. When HRW was critical of Cuba and Iran they were slagged of my many on IMC UK
Same when they slammed Chavez' Human Rights record!

Makes me sick when people are prepare to look the other way when it suits then.

Human rights are far all and old men watching their TV in Haifa/Qana aren't legal targets.

We need an international policethat will uphold human rights... but who the hell is going to sign up for it?
Check for for the latest, this load of anti semitic filth was at first hidden (and rightly so) but one of the Indymedia UK editorial board thought it quite acceptable and un-hid it. The claim that Jews are dictating US foriegn policy of course being all the rage now on IM

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