Monday, August 14, 2006


Sham Cried

Via UK Indymedia comes the message that:
Sham UN Resolution Guarantees No End To Israel's War of Illegal Aggression
In sum, UN Resolution 1701 is little more than an outrageous and illegal expression of victor's justice. It allows Israel the right to resume hostilities any time it wishes and for any reason so long as the Israelis claim an imminent threat exists regardless of whether or not it's true.
And in other news...
Up to a dozen rockets have been fired at Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, the army has said, in what Israel has called a violation of the hours-old ceasefire in the area.
Nope. No imminent threat there...

The editors at Indymedia UK are at the moment running around like headless chickens in their attempts to prevent balanced reporting on the Middle Eastern conflict. A look at the Hidden page shows that ANY post which shows Israel in a good light is removed. It's quite funny to think of them !!!
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No - you're not being censored, it's not even your writing.
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