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A keen-eyed observer on Melbourne Indymedia has made a stunning observation.

In this post reporting on a so-called "Peace Rally" was this image:

Rally - Left wing antisemitismThe admiration of Mel Gibson was due to Mad Max Mel's antisemitic tirade after a drunken traffic stop the same week. As he now has a new fan, it seems antisemites stick together and not just on Indymedia.

A photo taken earlier however gives us a better look:

Rally - Left wing antisemitism
Look down the bottom. It says: "Let Melbourne make portable gas ovens".


Now go back to the first image. Evidently someone at the protest with a red marker (or perhaps someone on Indymedia with Photoshop) has decided that Jew hatred should be more discrete, and shows of outright antisemitism probably aren't good PR for their cause.

So, they have censored it. With lovely red hearts no less.

Herein a great look at how screwed up the far Left has become. Remember them crying how bad 'censorship' was? Well check it out ladies and gentlemen. Censorship, like rank, odious antisemitism is fine for some people.

A later comment notes:
"People" like Faruque the Cabbie and the rest of the Hitler Youth aren't interested in the truth. They hate Jews with the vitriol that most sane people save for those who drive slow in the fast lane.

These guys truly believe that all the ills of the world are somehow orchestrated by Jews and with the Jews gone, everyday would be 28 degress and sunny.

There is a silver-lining in watching Indymedia disnintegrate into a "one note sonata" about the Jews. If the anti-Semites are here posting all the time, the children and housepets in their neighbourhood are safe.

Also, there vitriolic hatred of Jews has begun to be noticed by the mainstream -- let's face it, not many mainstreamers have ever seen this side of the Left's looking glass. The Left in the US has already taken physical steps to distance themselves from the anti-Semites in their midst (Howard Dean's public statement last week), and it won't take long for the rest of the Left to follow. Afterall, it's hard to call yourself the party of inclusion and tolerance when your members are asking to have the gas-chambers re-opened.

Another good thing is that it forces the majority of the Left Wing to disprove their connection with this kind of hate speech by being supportive of Israel -- whether they like it or not. Because the haters can't distinquish between legitimate criticism of Israel (which all Israelis participate in) and medievel screeds of traditional anti-Semitism, the mainstream Left can't distinquish either and will have to quell all criticism of Israel.

The final bit of good news is that having all your rotten-eggs here in one basket, so to speak, everyone (and you know who that is) knows where they are. Don't think for a moment that the authorities haven't recorded threats to murder Jews, burn homes, etc, that have been thrown around here. These things will all come out at their next commital hearing.

So, cheer up and let the monkies through their poo -- it's harmless and it's fun to watch.
No it isn't. Believe me, I've been doing it for a while.

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