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UK Problem

This comment appeared on a previous post:
I was involved with the UK collective up until a year ago. The level of anti-semitism is just awful and I thought it was beyond help. These people saw Jews as being behind nearly every problem. 9/11, that was Mossad. London bombings, that was a Jewish sleeper cell. Asian Tsunami, Israeli mini nuke. The bigotry dominates the site and in the end destoyed its credibility.

I became frustrated because I still remain commited to the idea that the world needs a true independent media service but Indymedia certainly isn't it.
The last part echoes my position perfectly, as you will see from the banner text at the very top of this site.

One only need to glance at UK Indymedia to identify it has a serious and inexcusable problem with antisemitism.

A large number of comments and private emails via this blog have indicated that what goes on behind the scenes of UK Indymedia is as scary. Please post your experiences in comments on this post. The more detail, links, evidence the better. I don't claim it will ultimately change anything - nothing short of seppuku likely will, however for a site that aims to keep mainstream media accountable, it's time to be held to account.

Comments are open.

I've been involved with Indymedia since early 2000. I've done tech work, coordinated and contributed to video collectives at two large convergences, put in hundred of hours of volunteer training in video, web, and digital photography at my local imc center, and I've been involved with Indymedia global organizing in decision making and legal issues for these 6+ years.

I believe strongly in the need for an open, independent media tool to help democratize media. And, after all the hours and work I've put into Indymedia, I can't tell you how sad it makes me that Indymedia has failed to live up to that promise.

I've already quit my local collective because of persistent pattern of antisemitism and the ugly hostility that I encountered when I even tried to raise this as a concern. And I'm about to stop my global organizing work as well, for the same reason.

I hope that, eventually, we can put together what we've learned from Indymedia's failings and put together a new media service that gets it right, and can do it without the terrible prejudice and lunacy that has pervaded Indymedia.
Anti-semitism is the cancer that is killing Indymedia, in the UK, France and in some of the US sites it is a daily occurence.

I weap inside when I think back to what we all dreamed of what Indymedia could have been.

Perhaps the sadest part of it all is that many of those people who are part of the problem don't even realise their level of prejudice.
are these brave warriors in the battle against the 'widespread anti-semitism on uk imc' not prepared to stand by their morals and give their names.

After all, posts by anonymous coulod be a zionist troll making it up.

Wink duly noted ;-)

All accusations of antisemitism are illegitimate and always the work of Zionist trolls.

I certainly agree that anti-semitism is a big problem for indymedia. On sydney indy there are a few people that combat the antisemitism, which is good, but I find some of their comments equally as appalling as they make generalisations and berate people of arabic background or who are islamic. I see the racism going both ways. Not to mention the authoritarian and pro-corporate attitudes.

I havent given up on indymedia. Even though there is a massive amount of crap posted to the newswires, there is also lots of good stuff....good stuff you won't see in the mainstream media.
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