Tuesday, August 01, 2006


"Local Interests"

Today the Colorado Governor (Bill Owens) signed a tough package of immigration laws that could force 1 million people receiving state and federal benefits to prove they are legal U.S. residents. Since this is big news, and something that directly involves Colorado, I quickly went over to Colorado Indymedia to see what info they had concerning the new rules.

Surprisingly, there was not a single mention of it. However, under the “Local Interests” column, there were 5 stories concerning the Middle East, all of which can be found at other Indymedia affiliates.

I had assumed that the point of having lots of local Indymedia pages was so that local issues could be discussed and advertised. So why in the world is Israel listed as a “Local Interest”? They can not even argue that it was a slow news day in Denver!

Apparently tough new immigration laws in Colorado are simply not “interesting” or “local” enough.

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