Monday, July 24, 2006


Luers in The Hole

Further to Roland's recent post about 'activists' refusing to get it when it comes to consequences for their actions, comes the latest on "Jeff Free Luers".

Luers, previously reported here was sentenced to 22 years in jail for setting fire to a car dealership. His supporters believe he is a "political prisoner" and see little to nothing wrong with his actions. Of course, they aren't cuddling up to someone in a prison cell.

A comment on my earlier post on Luers prompted my awfully easy 'reader's challenge' after someone wrote:
"Show me a fascist post on an Indymedia page. I doubt you can"
According to this article on Portland Indymedia, Luers has landed himself in "The Hole" for:
"allegedly having a "diluted urine analysis" (drug test).

In other words, the prison has accused him of having urine that is "too clean"."
Err... No. As a comment points out:
diluted urine sample doesn't mean "too clean". It means he watered it down to make it appear clean, and instead made it into watery urine.

Smart guy.
Smart indeed... Support continues unabated:
Jeff is no doubt behind bars beause his conscience runs in diametric antithesis to those bent on global-tyrannical hegemony, by any means necessary and possible.
No, he's behind bars for illegally setting fire to someone's property.
I have said this before on other blogs, and I will say it here. We need to either petition the Governor to pardon Jeffrey Luers (excessive sentence) or some progressive in this state has to run for Governor and then pardon those who have received sentences from the cruel judges who think they are God and handing out excessive sentences.

Jeff Luers should have simply served a year or two and then had to pay back the cost of the vehicles he destroyed. To incarcerate him for 22 years is criminal and inhumane. If I were ever to make it to Salem as a Governor or State Senator, I would do all I can to prosecute and jail the judge in this case.
Good luck with all that!

22 years is harsh and I agree a three or four year sentance plus an obligation to pay would be better. That being said I would like to have seen his face when the judge said "22 years" !

I bet the girl he wanted to impress by burning doen the dealership thinks a lot of him now !
22 years is a bit excessive, but I do think there needs to be real consequences for doing things like this. He did not just set fire to a number of automobiles, he intended to scare and terrorize those who were using them/selling them. Clearly that places him in a bracket outside of your simple vandal.
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