Monday, June 26, 2006


Vancouver is Back

Vancouver Indymedia is back.

Scrolling in reverse order, it got off to a great start with no fewer than four pages of predominantly recycled anti-Bush articles before it reverted to an excess of of one-sided articles about the evils of Israel.

One asks whether it is "Vancouver Indymedia or Middle East Indymedia?"
After being abroad for several months I was surprised to see that BC Indymedia was no more. But the reversion back to Vancouver Indymedia seems like a good move if the folks running it are based there. The new system seems interesting too.

But I am sad to see that it has fast become Middle East Indymedia once again. What the fuck!?!

Is there nothing of consequence going on in Vancouver, the lower mainland, BC or other occupied territories in Canada? Does everything of importance hinge upon the happenings in the Middle East? Is there nowhere else to carry on with these ceaseless back and forth debates?

I understand that the site is not running on all cylinders yet but judging by what I have seen in scanning the postings something must be done to limit the ability of a few people to monopolize the newswire.

I am sick to fucking death of these postings.
Can't imagine why... This is followed by a series of replies concerning Zionist control of the media. Gee, how original.

I'm not the only one who's noticed:
I just did a quick count of the latest ten pages of stories, and 59 out of 101 come from math2112, sometimes in spurts of six or eight in a row. With the possible exception of nessie's sandbox, I know of no other IMC so overwhelmed by the content of one poster.

But it's the nature of Indymedia that any decisions on what to do are in the hand of the local collective.
It sure is... Vancouver looks like another one they can be proud of.

If you view their "all-time popular content" you will notice the most reads any of the articles have had (at the time of posting this) is 465, for the "welcome to the new Vancouver Indymedia site" post. This high figure is largely from that post remaining on the front page "most popular" sidebar. Otherwise, it is all downhill from there and I am pleased to note this site records more readers.

I'm sure they'll get a bit of traffic from this site.

Who could resist stories about Secret electronic mind control technology or this cryptic piece (repeated several times) which makes me suspect someone is writing a spam-bot for Indymedia. Can't imagine why they'd bother, there's a perfectly good group of human spammers to keep it irrelevant and boring as hell.

Ah, Vancouver IM, how I missed you…
For what it's worth --

"math2112" is prolly a dude named Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite aka "Lord Patch"; he's got a novel you can buy on Amazon for a penny.

"pilgrim" is a dude named Jordan Thornton. His general mode of response on the old site was to take his entire post, change one line, and then repost the whole thing, as many as eight times in a single thread. (That's why i gave him the nick Robo, for his robo-reposting.) Apparently the editors are discouraging the same technique at the new site.

"robodranath," when he's not attacking the Great Zionist Cabal That Runs the Parliament and the Media, praises "Protocols of the Elders" (he called it "wonderful") and thinks Zionists are Satanists. This one is pretty clearly mentally ill.

"nessie" is, of course, nessie, the IMC network's answer to Mussolini. Nessie believes that anyone who thinks Israel has any right at all to exist is automatically a "racist." When told that this makes 99.5% of American Jews "racists," nessie blamed the 99.5% of American Jews for being racist. But nessie's no antisemite, no sir, because according to him (and nobody else), to be an antisemite, you've got to hate every Jew in the world, and if you don't, you can't possibly be an antisemite. Stupid? Yep, but stupid redefinition games are his best friend. Nessie is best-known on the IMC network as the authoritarian ego-monster who took over SF-IMC and destroyed it. Nessie has made some posts on this site.

And I am exactly who I say I am -- someone watching in horror as the Indymedia network I have given so much time and energy to dissolves in its own insanity and antisemitism.

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