Sunday, June 25, 2006


Smelly Sockpuppets

An Internet Sock Puppet is "an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community. This account allows them to pose as a completely different user, sometimes to manufacture the illusion of support in a vote or argument."

Faruque Ahmed has a massive sockpuppet drawer in his bedroom and is well known for spamming predominantly Indymedia sites (and the odd private forum) with his spew. Why he posts under different handles is a frequent question asked of him (and never replied to) for his material is identical in a number of ways. Firstly, the spelling and English is consistently bad. Use of the unique terms "Zionazi", "Zionised", "Nitrogenous" and othe Faruqeisms leave little doubt as to the origin. Secondly, as I mentioned here, all of his articles feature dozens of references to the same sites. Why would anyone (besides Faruque Ahmed) link to other articles discussing (by name) Faruque Ahmed?

He clearly has an attention seeking disorder (amongst other disorders) and the evidence of it, when he is trying to pretend being someone else, is amusing.

Take this post on his antisemitic "Free America Now" Yahoo Group - one of his main link destinations. There's no point quoting it as you can guess what it says. If you scroll to the bottom of the message, you will see at least eight replies. These are all obviously by Faruque Ahmed. He is talking to himself. If you view his other posts (they're easy to spot) you will see the same phenomena. Can you say "sockpuppet"?

There is only one reply to his post which he didn't write and it is certainly worth reprinting:
Tell bullshit often enough and you will probably get one dickhead to
believe you!!

Cheers Bruce
Then there will be two dickheads. By the way, to be called a "dickhead" on a site such as Free America Now is quite an achievement. Congratulations Faruque Ahmed. The funny thing is, he will keep linking to that message and be convinced it is a Zionist plot when more people start to believe he is a dickhead.

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