Monday, June 26, 2006


No one likes a wet blanket

Some folks over at Indybay are unhappy with the level of corporate sponsorship of recent gay pride events in San Francisco.

“This Sunday's parade called Pride kicks off at 10:30. This is the 36th time around for this grand demonstration of marketing and public relations.”

This is something I find interesting. I would assume that having a gay pride event sponsored by a corporation speaks volumes about the progress the gay community has made in the US.

I assume the author of this statement would prefer having the gay community on the fringes of society, and not part of its mainstream. It begs the question: do radicals at Indybay want the movements they claim to support reaching a broader audience, or would they prefer they stay small, ineffective, and selective?

Fortunately, one comment following the piece affirms a commitment to reason and progress, and not just ideological posturing.

“Then stop whining and don't go to the damn thing if you don't like it. I'm sooooo sorry it isn't to your liking, dear. I have been going to these parades since the first one, lead by Jesus Christ Satan with a UN flag, headed down Polk to City Hall. It has become a huge international event and should be celebrated as a good time. If you are so devastated by ads and corporate sponsors, then stay away! I look at it as an example of how mainstream we have become. Unlike some of the fringe, I regard being mainstream as good, not bad. Those who want to always be on the outside looking in can stay outside and leave the party alone. No one likes a wet blanket.”

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