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The Demise of Indybay

Charismatic Megafauna expands on Bay Area Indymedia's demise.
IndyBay is now a wasteland. The hidden comments section is GONE. Screw dialogue, they say, lets have diatribes...from one side. What is the point of this, and how is it in the spirit of open publishing, work towards peace, understanding, tolerance, and freedom of informatiom? I haven't the foggiest.
I have said this from the beginning, about Indymedia in general.
The Left of Northern California is now officially deprived of open publishing IndyMedia...IndyBay is gone, and Santa Cruz...well that's a topic I ought to write more on, some other time. They have shut out Becky Johnson, fabulous journalist and effective activist, because she has written in support of Israel. Listening to their interviews is disgusting...a bunch of self righteous pricks, really, who ask the same question over and over again after being proved irrelevant.

Reports of the demise of Indybay are greatly exaggerated. Not only that, they are completely factually incorrect and merely the wishful thinking of a small handful of detractors.
That comment was written by nessie of SF, who's done more than his share of destroying the indymedia from within. Not that I'm complaining. More power to him.
What this anonymous poster does not seem to get is that traffic does not equal quality. Heck, I would bet that half the folks going to Indybay at this point do so to see the outrageous train wreck is has become.

They can get one million visitors a day, and still have nothing but lousy reporting and inflammatory propaganda.
re: quality

Well if that's what megafauna's point is, then perhaps he should speak more clearly. Most people do not think of quality issues when they read the word "demise". Besides, megafauna is merely complaining about not being about to post to the site, so he apparently egotistically equates a lack of his posts there as demise, or a quality issue. That's rich. But now he has his own blog, so his high-quality whines can breathe
By removing even the possibility of seeing hidden posts -- there is literally no way to see hidden posts on Indybay -- Indybay editors have gone against the principle of open publishing. It's now in the peculiar position of being even more authoritarian than Nessie's sandbox SF-IMC, because at least with nessie' sandbox you can, if you know the right php commands, still see hidden posts.

SF-IMC didn't die immediately after nessie took it over and adopted his Il Duce editorial style. I don't expect Indybay to suddenly drop off the edge of the cliff either. But the no-dissent-allowed stance will inevitably cause the same long, slow fade that it did to SF-IMC.

wishful thinking, G.

gerhig things he can predict the future.

don't bet the farm on it.
>That comment was written by nessie

You mean *this* nessie?



And the ad hominem containing comment posted on 6/09/2006 03:10:42 is by an indybay editor, one of those self-righteous pricks. I'm familiar with his writing style including the lack of capital letters where necessary. All he and his colleagues can do at this point is try to save face, so we can understand their desperation. BTW one of his colleagues initiated heavy flame wars in LA-IMC and may have been responsible for the Bible spam that plagued the site.
Heck, the comment on 6/09/2006 08:48:32 AM was likely submitted by an Indybay editor too. No one but one of their editors would have a motive to make the claims he did. But they're rather bizarre since CM is still able to post some comments -- at least on Green issues -- without having them hidden or getting autoblocked.
It is unfortunate that indybay continues to censor articles and comments. They even claim that what they are doing is not "censorship" because they are not a govt agency. Well private agencies spy too. They are called PI's and terrorist stalkers, not cops. That doesn't make what they do any more right than having a cop violate your 4th amendment rights, even though technically what they do is a bit more legal than if a cop does it.

When it comes to Becky Johnson, I have to cast myself in the "I don't like what you say but I will defend your right to say it" camp. I may even provide editorial space for her on my leftist website provided I can find someone to write the opposing point of view.

The latest flap over her apparent attack on the Street Spirit is bogus. I have first hand knowledge that she does not support turning the American Friends Service Committee over to the IRS for their inappropriate activities that are technically ilegal for a 501c3 to do under IRS rules. She actually supports some of the AFSC activities in question. One of her supporters fails to make this distinction, so she takes the heat for "attacking the AFSC".

I did anticipate this turn of events when prior to this occurrence I received her assurance that she would not attack the Resource Center For Non Violence non profit status in a similar way in response to its hosting of santa cruz indymedia meetings that she was thrown out of. She supports some of the work that the RCNV does, though she broadly dissagrees with their positions on Israel/Palestine.

As for my own experience with, I have found that they do not tolerate my posting comments critical of them or of their editorial decisions to delete/censor other posters' comments. Some of my comments that are merely a litle bit self reflecting about the activities of other activists have also been censored. In response to this, I have taken to occasionally posting only titles and links to Indybay for articles that I have duplicated on, rather than posting the entire article. Sometimes comments are posted to my blog and linked from indybay, but not consistently yet.

Noted now too is the fact that Indybay has recently removed the feature that allowed the total number of comments submitted to be compared to the number of comments actually displayed. I guess their historical myopia is now equal to a person who is legally blind.
re: don't bet the farm on it.

I wish I had taken Gerhig for some cash on his predictions now that this site is the one with "demise" hanging over its storefront.

Oh, well.
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