Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What Indymedia Rejects is Good Enough for Google

Minutes ago, I suggested it wouldn't be long before Indymedia scoffed at the recent video released of the 9/11 plane striking the Pentagon.

San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia certainly didn't take long:
Entitled Pentagon releases phony video of "Flight 77" - the 'article' is a disturbed chaotic rant of mostly links to older articles souting the same tired out (and now even more widely disproved) nonsense. See also Baltimore Indymedia.

The article was hidden (to their credit) by Bay Area Indymedia.

How did I find this article? By searching Google News for "Pentagon Video"

Google News continues to regard Indymedia as a news source, as easily verified.

What is astonishing however, is that an article, "Pentagon releases phony video of Flight 77" considered unworthy as news even by Indymedia's low standards, is still regarded as fine by Google.

I have said it before - Google discredits itself.

here at Indymedia watch we hate Jews.
look at the Jew hating crap that they have on indymedia watch! shocking Jew hating. why do you host such outragagous hate speech?

Or would that be to make the schoolboy error of confusing the medium and the message?
Let me get this straight; Indymedia Watch, a site that constantly covers anti-Semitic material that is blatantly posted across countless Indymedia websites, hates the Jews? Give me a God-damn break…..

How about this: prove the accusation that we at Indymedia Watch “hate Jews”. Please, try and prove it. Show me one instance where we have given those of the Jewish faith and tradition unfair accusations and disrespect.

Please, for your own well being, prove it….
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