Saturday, May 13, 2006


The filth in our Midst

There is a sordid secret. Our society has been infiltrated by parasites intent on our destruction.
Who are they?

Hey, this is Indymedia. Who do you reckon?


Via Melbourne Indymedia comes a post which gives Sydney Indymedia's "Zio-Report" a real run for its money in the antisemitism stakes.
Where is the outrage? When will the pogroms start against those who treat us as used toilet paper? Those who think nothing of spilling our brains onto dirty streets if we so much as question their right to treat us as used toilet paper?

What sort of doormats are we? Too stupid, too dumb, too pathetic to raise a whimper. Fuck us all. We deserve what they have planned.

Yaweh's plan, a Tom Hurndall for you all. Sluts, gutter slime, dirt, goy filth.

But don't look sideways at your Jewish masters or they will off you.

Where will you hear about this latest delight? Your ABC? The one run by Jewish 5th columnists?

Ha hahahahahaha I don't think so.
Isn't it time we purged this aggressive war mongering filth from our system?

There will never be an end to war while this psychotic racist cult exists.

Kill them all - Let their psychotic delusion decide
Subsequent Comments:
Oh that's awful news! Has [Australian Prime Minister] John Howard apologised and offered to lick every Israeli arsehole clean yet?
And it's terribly unfair to suggest that all those Jews in the lists of Australia's richest, who acquired their money through tax evasion and any other number of scams including cultish collusive tendering, and then sent said criminal proceeds offshore to be invested in illegal settlements and weaponry for the legal fiction of Israel are in any way responsible when said morally bankrupt state arbitrarily attempts to assasinate Australian citizens who would bring crimes commited by said international legal and racist fiction against humanity to international attention.

A minority of sensible comments sum it up:
I'm so glad that someone finally had the guts to write "Jew" instead of pretending to be PC by writing "Zionist"

You were never fooling anyone anyway.
Well. There you have it.

Rich money grubbing Jews - kill them all.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Remember: You read it here on Indymedia first!

(This is usually where someone insists they aren't a Jewhater and really only an "Anti-Zionist" or argues this post was actually written by a Jew. Just thought I'd preempt you.)
He forgot to mention the allegations of Jewish control of the media.

Haven't heard that one before either...

Update: The article has now been hidden by Melbourne's Mods. Sydney Indymedia has compensated for it nicely here.

Article and comments now hidden...
So, just to be clear...

1. The article in question wasn't written by the people running the Indymedia site. It was both written and posted to the open newswire by some random racist individual or group.

2. The article was, rightfully, removed by the editors of the Indymedia site.
(This is usually where someone insists they aren't a Jewhater and really only an "Anti-Zionist" or argues this post was actually written by a Jew. Just thought I'd preempt you.)

So you obviously know of nessie, editor of the SF-IMC, one of the biggest Jew haters on the indymedia.
More Jewish conspiracy theories on Sydney IMC
For those unfamiliar with his work, here's an example of nessie in action:
Here's more of nessie in action:
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