Friday, March 24, 2006



A comment on BC Indymedia introduces us to yet another mutation of those tricky Zionists we hear so much about on Indymedia.
The perverse Zio-Nazis constantly try to portray the defense of sovereign nations from Zio-American attacks as "terrorism" and "insurgency". Then when people try to defend themselves, their families and countries from the attack of the Zio-American Neo-Nazis, those brave freedom fighters who risk their lives to defend their countries are slandered mercilessly in the Zionist controlled mass media. This is not only perverse, but severely fucks with the minds of the naive public, who are incapable of comprehending the real meaning of what they keep hearing in the media day and night, since none of it makes any sense.
As opposed to say, that article.
Since the Nazis, has there been a more diabolical group of people than the Zio-neo-Nazis?
I don't know! I am unsure if these Zio-neo-Nazi creature are the same as Zio-Neocons (seen previously on BC Indymedia) or their offshoot: zio-neo-fascist-PNAC-zio-hasbarian-neocon-ziocon-crypto-neo-zio-hasbarian-zio-zio-zio-quadruple masonic-neo-totalitarian-zio-neo-zippady-doo-dah-zio-rotarians (first mentioned here).

Does anyone know the care and feeding of these things?

Three round meals of the Democratic Underground a day, plus Indymedia for supper.

And there's not much care taken, at all. But then you could've figured that out from what they write.
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