Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Shooting Police

Arkansas IMC is taking exception to Police videotaping protesters.
Stop State Sponsered (sic) Surveillance in Fayetteville!

hi folks. I’m in the process of requesting a freedom of information act request with the city of Fayetteville to receive a copy of the video footage the police shot during the march 11 rally on the square.

I've consulted an attorney who has advised me that having other like minded folks who were there as well and are concerned about this issue to join us.

If you’d like to help keep the police out of your face the next time you express your opinion , please
Email with your name & contact info at : schwinn72 (at)

Comments note:
I find it terribly funny that you include a link and picture ENCOURAGING Video taping of the police, but when they do it back to you.. It's suddenly a violation of your civil rights..

Refer to Arkansas Code: 5-16-101. Crime of video voyeurism

One of the exceptions is as Follows:
Video recording or monitoring conducted by law enforcement officers within the official scope of their duties

Sounds like your ambulance chaser might need to brush up on criminal law..

Luv you guys..
We sure do...

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