Wednesday, February 01, 2006


World Can't Wait Photos

LA Indymedia has plenty of Photos from the World Can't Wait organized rally.

Here are just two.

Bush Step Down, but perhaps leave your basic English program behind.

Also, courtesy of LA Indymedia, here is a Quicktime movie of some protesters. Yes, they actually were banging saucepan lids like I suggested.

Leigh notes:
That Bush managed to say his whole State Of The Union speech without having to step down, and take his program with him...Details of the protests are also sketchy, mostly because they weren't big enough to get picked up by the mainstream media. So there's not much to report on so far, other than the failure of World Can't Wait to achieve anything.
Size estimates vary. Some claim 300, the organizers claim 2000. Either way, I guess the World will have to keep on Waiting.

In the interim, perhaps the organizers could politely suggest Hamas or the Iranian Government step down take their agenda with them? Nah!

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