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World Can't Wait - Dangerous

I previously reported on suspicions the World Can't Wait was simply a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Infoshop News has more.

The World Can't Wait FAQ has now been updated to admit it in a token mention. Note, there appear to be problems deep-linking directly to pages on the site, so I have pasted sufficient extracts to allow you to search their site directly or find a Google cache if they change it.
Q: But aren't there communists in World Can't Wait?
A: Yeah, there are. Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate it. They have said they're in it because they think it's absolutely urgent to get rid of this regime, that it would both lift a huge burden from the world and would also give people a sense of their own potential power, and they think all that would open up avenues to get to the society they want.
Note the terminology: "yeah". They stopped short of saying "no shit" and "fo shizzle" but it's clear to which demographic the document was aimed.
But to turn the question around, if you refuse to pitch in to building this movement to drive out the Bush regime, when you know that this is what has to be done, just because there are communists in it, then you need to think about how well that worked back in Nazi Germany (when the many forces opposed to Hitler could not find the ways to unite). And how exactly would you explain your particular brand of "abstinence only" policy to a prisoner at Abu Ghraib or a teenager in Tennessee who desperately needs an abortion or someone whose mother was killed at a checkpoint near Falluja? And then after you think about that, you need to actually start working on driving out this regime. To stand aside at this point is really unconscionable.
To turn the question around again however, tell us about the millions who have died under Communism, or the fact that Hitler and the Communists had one very big thing in common - Socialism. Not a word, of course.

No doubt the kids who would skip school to join this group's activities, probably don't know a lot of this. Cunning isn't it?

Far less cunning, it seems World Can't Wait also get their news and ideology from disturbing sources such as Counterpunch. World Can't Wait's website has published this which states:
American politicians, whose strings are pulled by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee despite AIPAC's current engulfment in spying charges against the US, are demanding that the US attack Iran in order to protect Israel.

One excuse for these demands is the statement by the new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Europeans should give Israel a piece of Europe and move the country there. His statement that Israel should be wiped out is a statement intended for Muslim ears, not a declaration of an Iranian program of action. The Iranian president is simply elevating Iran's standing among Muslims by taking advantage of the anger that President Bush has created against the US and Israel.

In summary: Classic antisemitic canard that Jews secretly control the US Government, followed by fantasy that the Iranian President didn't really want to destroy Israel when he said precisely that, it was just politics.

Stop right there.

I hope the impressionable teens that have been recruited by World Can't Wait, who specifically targeted kids with language, pretty colours and music, will stop banging their saucepans long enough to realize this group actually represents a dangerous philosophy which goes far, far beyond George W Bush.

This is the same group, who, with a straight face endorses arguments that The Bush Administration is more dangerous than Nazi Germany. I'm not talking about tacky "Bush=Hitler" placards, but full discourses by the World Can't Wait chiefs:
Even among those who hate the Bush regime, many feel that making such a comparison is too extreme or disrespects those who suffered and died under the Nazis.

But the question must be asked, is it true? Are there similarities that merit recognition? Are there lessons we should be learning?

The answer is yes.
Fortunately, it would seem the group isn't especially popular, based on the numbers at nearly every event they've organized to date. However, looking under the hood and knowing this is more than just an anti-Bush project, would you want your kids brainwashed by this group?

Come on, man, do you really think that what's going on isn't happening??? I want some of what you're having. Alberto Gonzalez got up before the senate committee yesterday and basically said that he couldn't say anything because "the terrorists are listening and watching". We can't get any concrete answers because THEY might hear us. Grow up sweetie. They are out to screw us all for their own gains. The stock price went up for GM as soon as the thirty-thousand worker layoff started. Walmart decided to build a store across the street from union offices, Haliburton subcontracted to so many people that the actual workers were virtual slaves in the Middle East. Dafur is being ignored, so are all the HIV, and AIDS patients on the continent of Africa. Abstinence lectures and ABC will not save anybody. They need the cocktails. The imperialist monster plans to break the back of every poorer country in the world. The IMF,and the WTO are tools of the corporatocracy.
All Power to the Working Class
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