Tuesday, February 07, 2006


What's Wrong with Indymedia?

This article on Sydney Indymedia, recycles an old favourite:
What Bush & Cheney do not want you to know

This is a message we all need to get out into the open: "The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were all faked and there is no reason to fear and hate Muslims and Islam, but rather, we should all fear the real terrorists who staged these controlled demolitions and organized this state of perpetual war against middle-eastern countries for economic motives.
which is then followed by links to major 9/11 conspiracy theory websites.

In other words, yet another argument on Indymedia insisting 9/11 was all a US Government plot (with plenty of help from Jews).

A subsequent comment states:
This kind of thing is ruining Indymedia's reputation.
Which kind of thing? The 9/11 conspiracies? The continuing antisemitism? No.

The author of the above comment was quite okay with the 9/11 material and had written in response to the first comment on the page, which replied to the 9/11 article thus:
Thanks dickhead
That is ruining Indymedia's reputation. The rest of the material is a good thing.

Remember. Calling someone a "dickhead" is bad. Comments such as this however:
fat brain dead turd sharon is is a worthless fat blob of decaying shit
as reported here or this:
The zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they make to spread among large groups of the population of the world.
as reported here or this:
Medical observers say sharon's failure at having the ability to wake means the inbreed comatose condition is due to his total lack of a brain function, which can be traced back to the imbeciles inbred origin that began for all the zionazis back in Rome a few dozen generations ago by four lunatic zionazi whores working the brothels of Rome which is probably the root cause of the insane brain-dead imbeciles lack of abilities.
as endorsed by Sydney Indymedia moderators are fine.

However, calling a 9/11 conspiracy theory a "dickhead"? No way man! That's just going too far! Note, the complainant is considering joining the Sydney Indymedia collective.


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