Tuesday, January 31, 2006


World Can't Wait Gears up

LA Indymedia is reporting on the first of the World Can't Wait "actions" leading toward tonight's State of the Union address. Comments:
for those of you not aware the Revolutionary Communist Party, the fucking Maoists formly under the banner of Not In Our Name, are the ones funding and supporting this World Can't Wait parade through the streets of L.A. this is the same RCP who started the riot with the cops during the L.A. DNC then ran away and let the anarchists take the brunt of cops batons and tear gas. the RCP know how to do one thing really well, run away.
You people have been "protesting" for 40 years, and STILL no one is paying attention. You have nothing of interest to say. You wave signs. You allow your events to be co-opted by the brain-dead morons from "black bloc", who only make you all look ridiculous. Ordinary people won't go near any of your events because you have degenerated into vandalism, violence, pointless confrontation, and nihilism. You have allowed yourselves to be duped by the RCP, WWP and their endless front groups. Sorry, but the rest of us are not interested in being tools. Perhaps some day, when you can move on past "Maosim" and "Marxism" and "Socialism", all dead idologies, you might have a point to make. As of now, you don't.
Meanwhile, according to this article:
Gore Vidal, novelist, essayist and political activist will speak at a 7:00 PM rally at the CNN building in Los Angeles, along with human rights advocate Bianca Jagger. The protests beging at 5:00 at Hollywood and Highland. At 6:00 We'll make a whole lot of noise by any noisemaker necessary to Drown Out Bush's lies.

Sponsored by The World Can't Wait -- Drive Out the Bush Regime. Bush Step Down, and take your program with you.

Other speakers include, Attorney Stephen Rohde, Blase Bonpane, Office of the Americas, KPFK, Rev. Richard Meri Ka Ra Byrd, KRST Unity Center, Jane Bright, Gold Star Families for Peace, Rev. Louis Chase, Jim Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, L.A., Jan Lundberg, environmentalist, oil industry analyst, founder of Auto-Free Times, Lucia Marano, actor, Dwight Trible, Jazz Vocalist, student from Occidental College, Dolly Veale, Revolutionary Communist Party
It's unclear whether the audience are expected to "bring the noise" during Vidal's speech, or save that for later.

LA Indymedia is also coming under scrutiny for censoring posts for no apparent reason. It is less odious however than UK Indymedia as previously reported, and, to their credit they appear to acknowledge the problem and will investigate.

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